Sleek and Fashionable New TENS Unit: U-Gym Mini

The U-Gym TENS unit is a new idea for an electrotherapy device, currently raising funding on IndieGoGo.

They already made a successful electrotherapy device and are now working on a new one, the U-Gym Mini. The company has a working prototype for the new unit and is working on raising the necessary funding to launch it fully.

You can get this unit by donating the required amount to their fundraising page.

How Is the U-Gym Different From Other Devices?

What makes the U-Gym Mini different from other TENS and electrical muscle stimulation units(EMS)? The U-Gym uses different operating frequencies, waveforms, and intensities than typical devices use.

Most electrotherapy devices out there only have a few uses, but according to the creator, the U-Gym Mini is a true multi-purpose device that is completely user programmable.

U-Gym Mini TENS Unit - Mobile App

This means you can set the Mini up to perform whatever function you want it to.

In addition, the U-Gym Mini can be controlled with an app on your smartphone.

You can create, customize, and even share your own unique programs with others. If making your own isn't your thing, you can download ready-made massage programs from the app.

What Are the Features?

U-Gym Mini TENS Unit - What is in the box?

The U-Gym Mini uses the electrical stimulation of muscle tissue to help users relax and get relief from muscle soreness. This makes the U-Gym an excellent TENS unit for muscle pain.

The Mini gives you the same effect as a deep tissue massage that you would get from a professional therapy clinic. This will help improve your blood flow and help give you a good night's sleep.

The design of the product is sleek and professional. The design was done by a former Under Armor designer. It's small and has a convenient shape which makes it portable and easy to bring with you anywhere.

iPod like TENS Unit

It sort of looks like a first generation iPod, and with the wires, it really does look like you're just listening to music. The connectors even look like earbuds at first glance.

It was probably designed that way on purpose in order to make it even more discrete. No one is going to pay attention to it if they just think it's some kind of music player.

Even the electrode pads are very stylish. They are sleek and have a fashionable texture to them.

Who Is It For?

The U-Gym Mini is made for mainstream consumers and is specifically designed to aid with muscle aches and pain. The aim is to help people get a better night's sleep and help them get through long days at work.

Deep Tissue Massage

The biggest benefit of the unit is its massaging capabilities. Unlike other electrotherapy devices which only have pain relief as their goal, the Mini achieves pain relief through relaxing your muscles with its deep tissue massage.

The Mini is great for use on the neck, back, arms, body, and legs.

Additionally, if you're concerned about using an electrotherapy device in public, this might be a good choice for you.

The Mini is portable, and its discrete design means it won't catch anyone's attention. You don't have to worry about explaining to people what it is or why you're using it.

If you are suffering from muscle soreness and want a high-quality discrete electrotherapy unit on the go, then keep an eye on the Mini.

U-Gym Mini - Price

At a current price of around one hundred dollars, the Mini isn't exactly cheap. The replacement electrode pads are also very expensive compared to third party options.

If the Mini is outside of your price range, you should take a look at our list of best affordable TENS units.


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