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TENS units are an alternative therapy for those suffering from joint, muscle, or bone problems. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and it works by using electrical signals in order to block pain signals from going to the brain. It is a good alternative for replacing or reducing pain medication.

Although its effectiveness has not been proved 100%, many product testimonials show that people get different levels of relief from pain. A lot of this may depend on the specific individual.

To be honest, we have not personally used all the reviewed tens units, but we look at each product and do in-depth research on the device. We look at features, technical specifications, and customer reviews from different sources. I also look for any complaints about the product, manufacturer, or the distributor, in order to provide you with all the information you would need before you decide on a tens unit.

All of the information is considered as objectively as possible in order to give you the most realistic advice and feedback.

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Tens Units - Product Reviews

We are reviewing the most popular tens units on the market. The aim of these products reviews is to help you to choose the best tens unit devices. All of the information we compile is geared towards giving you the most useful and relevant information in order that you can make a truly educated decision. We arrange facts in a logical order and each review is designed to be easy to navigate and understand.

Below you can find the current tens reviews of devices that are popular in today's market. These reviews are made to guide you along the path of choosing a tens device that fits your needs. We discuss price, customer reviews, specs, size, warranty, and any other relevant information in each review.

  • truMedic PL-009 - Review - The truMedic PL-O09 is one of the most popular Tens units currently on the market. Most reviews about the device have been pretty positive. It looks like a good choice for beginners who are not really experienced with tens devices. It is relatively inexpensive and small.
  • iReliev TENS Review - The iReliev Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System is ideal for those who are suffering from chronic or acute pain in their muscles and joints. It has comprehensive programs, a large number of intensity levels, and an intuitive design.
  • Omron PM3030 Review - The Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system is easy to use and quite inexpensive. It may not be powerful enough for some people, however, and it is a single-channel device. For its price the little machine has its advantages, making it a good fit for some.
  • Tens 3000 Review - The Tens 3000 is equipped with a pretty good price tag, some great accessories, and it is also customizable so that you can fine-tune each session. Although there may be some drawbacks the unit is generally liked for being an inexpensive machine. It is similar to the Tens 7000.
  • Dr Ho's Pain Therapy System Review - Dr. Ho's Pain Therapy System claims to go beyond the traditional concept of a tens device. It is large for a tens unit and offers a naturopathic approach to pain relief, but it is still a TENS device. This unit should work for people who are suffering from pain related to oxygenation issues or muscle spasms.
  • Tens Unit 7000 Review - The Tens 7000 is a great device because it has useful accessories, a versatile timer, and lots of options to make it easy to fine-tune your therapy session. All of this comes with a pretty good price for the value. The unit has had a lot of positive feedback from reviews.
  • Cefaly for Migraine Pain - Cefaly is a specific kind of tens unit that attaches directly to the forehead, and it is made to treat migraines. The unit is a little pricey but it is a safe option for migraines, and it evidently works best for those with allodynia. There are some minor side effects.
  • Pro-8AB Tens & Ems Device - The Healthmateforever Pro-8AB is somewhat on the pricey side but it has received extremely positive ratings and has a lot of useful and beneficial qualities. Other accessories (listed in review) may also be purchased to go along with the unit.
  • Icy Hot Smart Relief Review - Here we talk about two Icy Hot Smart Relief products for different areas of the body, the back and knee/shoulder. It is a single channel tens unit with only one pad, but it is also on the low end of the price range when it comes to tens machines.
  • XFT-320A Electrical Massager Review - The XFT-320A has some interesting and redeeming qualities, including an acupuncture pen, but overall it has multiple drawbacks and it can be expensive for its value. The device has been reported as being weak and fragile in some cases.
  • Gold Hand XFT-502 Review - The XFT-502 has a very wide price range and can be bought for an incredibly cheap price. Other units are generally still preferred to this device but it has helped some people. This review will also compare aspects of the XFT-320A and the XFT-502.
  • SantaMedical Electronic Pulse Massager - The SantaMedical Electronic TENS Pulse Massager has many equivalent tens units that have been rebranded and sold by different companies. It may be the most helpful for back pain and it is relatively inexpensive, but in some cases the device was reported as having too few intensity levels.
  • Purepulse Electronic Pulse Massager Review - The specs and details about the Purepulse Electronic Pulse Massager can be viewed in other reviews, specifically TruMedic PL-009 or SantaMedical LFM-110, as they are the same device re-named. This review compares the prices and companies reselling this specific unit under different names.
  • Zewa Spabuddy Sport Review - The Zewa Spabuddy Sport Tens Pain Therapy unit is competitively priced, has many positive reviews, and it has a lot of great features. This product offers a lot of value altogether.
  • TENS 6000 Machine Review - There is not a lot written about the TENS 6000, but this review will tell you everything we know about the device. We will also be comparing the unit with its siblings, the TENS 3000 and TENS 7000. Overall the TENS 6000 looks to be easy to use, inexpensive, and full of features.
  • A Review of Pharmedoc Tens Unit - This review of the PharMeDoc Tens Unit will give you basic facts about the unit and direct you to reviews where you can learn more. This particular review focuses on the best places to buy this PL-009 model and briefly explains re-branding.
  • InTENsity 10 Digital TENS Unit Review - In this review we will discuss this unit and details about it such as programs, price, user feedback, ease of use, size and more. The unit contains 10 programs which are focused on different body parts. Overall it looks like a good device.
  • InTENSity Twin Stim 3 Review - In this review we will talk briefly about the differences between EMS and TENS as well as this unit which uses both. It is versatile, well-liked, and is a great choice for people who want both TENS and EMS.
  • InTENSity 5000 Hybrid TENS Machine Review - This review will talk about this digital/analog hybrid TENS device and cover the definitions of a digital and analogy tens unit. It is easy to use, rather inexpensive, and highly regarded in reviews.
  • HealthmateForever HM6ML TENS Machine Review - This review covers the HM6ML from HealthmateForever, comparing it briefly with the BM6ML, HM6GL, and BM6GL. The device has is small, portable, has a good warranty, and a lot of features and options.
  • HealthmateForever PRO12AB - We will discuss the PRO12AB as well as mention its sister models: the PRO12ABQ and the PRO12AB2. Although the unit is somewhat expensive it provides a great number of options and reviews are overwhelmingly positive.
  • HealthmateForever YK15 TENS Unit Review - Although the main focus of this review is the YK15 model the YK15AB and the YK15RC will also be mentioned in order to compare. This device is quite inexpensive, powerful, well liked by users, and it has an impressive selection of modes and intensity levels.
  • HealthmateForever Massager Reviews - HealthmateForever is a popular manufacturer of TENS and EMS devices. This review will talk about all important aspects of the company and the devices they provide. The review covers topics like size, price range, customer service, and more.
  • Guide to Choose the Best Tens Unit - This article will walk you through all of the steps you need to consider when choosing the best tens unit for you. It covers aspects like features and technical criteria, questions to ask yourself, and even mentions a few of the best tens devices for different price ranges.
  • A Review of Aleve Direct Therapy - Aleve Direct Therapy is a new wire-free TENS units specially designed for lower back pain. In this review, we discuss the ins and outs of Aleve Direct Therapy TENS device.
  • Livia - TENS Unit For Period Pain - Livia claims to be a new drug-free solution for menstrual pain. Let's see if this new device can really switch off the period pain.
  • Best Replacement Pads for TENS Units - Are you tired of paying too much for replacement TENS pads? Buying the same pads that came with your tens machine can quickly add up. 3rd party pads are a great way to keep your costs low while still getting quality pads.
  • - Wireless TENS units are discrete and make it easy to get pain relief on the go. If you’re not sure where to start, read our review of the best wireless TENS units for more info.

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