The Portable, Small, and Inexpensive Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief System

The Portable, Small, and Inexpensive Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief System

Introducing the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief System

In this Omron tens unit review I will be covering all of the bases and important facts regarding the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system, also referred to as the Omron pm3030.

Omron is made for pain relief and can help you to start feeling better in only 15 minutes. When you buy the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system you will receive your PM3030 Unit along with a pad holder, two standard size long life pads, quick start / pad placement guide, 2 AAA batteries, electrode cords, and of course the instruction manual.

This tens unit is great for you if you have pain in various parts of your body, and you want something portable. On the other hand, you may not want to use it if you don't like buying batteries, and if you are suffering from major pain it may not be effective for you.


Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief System - PM3030

Single Channel TENS Technology

3 Pre-set TENS Modes

5 Intensity Levels

Use with 2 Pads

Small & Portable


  • Extremely affordable
  • Easily portable and small
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
  • Simple to use


  • Contains only 3 programs
  • Has only 5 intensity levels
  • Not very powerful, so not ideal for higher pain levels
  • Replacement pads must come from Omron
  • Turns off automatically after 15 minutes so you have to restart it

Omron PM3030 - Features and Benefits

Programs and Modes for Different Body Areas

There are 5 modes of intensity and 3 pre-set programs or types that you can set the Omron ElectoTherapy Pain Relief system to.

These three programs are designed to target specific areas of the body, such as the leg/foot, lower back, or arm. According to the product page, there are twelve areas of the body (only eleven are specified) which the Omron electronic pulse massager can be used on: lower back, upper arm, hip, thigh, deltoid, elbow, calf, knee, ankle, feet, and sciatic.

These programs will help you determine Omron electrotherapy pad placement. Just because it has these pre-set programs, however, does not mean that you are confined to using them for their designated body part.

3 Pre-set TENS Modes

If you find that using an arm or back program on your leg or foot works best for you, by all means do so. This is even expressed in the instruction manual.

Now I will go into a part of the device that you may find somewhat frustrating—each and every treatment lasts only 15 minutes.

Once these 15 minutes are over the machine will turn itself off on its own prerogative, and if you want a treatment that lasts longer you will have to restart the process.

On the upside you may not find this to be too irritating, and if you think about it there is a good reason that the device turns itself off.

It is important for you not to overuse the machine or use it in a way not designated in the manual, so this automatic-shut off can help you to utilize it correctly and safely.

Omron suggests using the device no more than 3 times a day for up to 30 minutes each session.

The Single-Channel Omron Tens Unit

This tens unit is a single channel device. I think this is an important aspect for you to understand in this Omron electrotherapy review, because it means you can't treat more than one area at the same time.

Single Channel & Use with two Pads

Most other tens units out there are dual channel machines, and you can attach four pads to them at once.

You can only use two electrodes/pads at one time with the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system, and there is only one single signal coming from the device, rather than two.

Dual channel devices allow you to target two different areas of your body and treat them both uniquely (which is important if you are experiencing different kinds of pain or pain levels) at the very same time.

This may not seem like a very big deal to you right now, but think hard about whether or not this is something that might be important to you later on.

I have heard of many individuals who knowingly purchased a single channel device and later wished that it possessed two different channels.

Five Intensity Levels

There are five intensity levels that come with the Omron tens machine, and they can be navigated easily by using the up and down buttons.

This part is easy and straightforward; the issue here is that the intensity levels are indicated by a blinking or flashing pattern made by the LEDs.

5 Levels of Output Intensity

You may find this frustrating and difficult to follow, especially when considering the fact that many other TENS units have a screen which makes it easy to see what intensity level you have selected.

It should also be mentioned that five is a very low number of intensity levels, and it is very easy to find another device on the market which has at least 20.

I think it is important to understand that a lower number of intensity levels generally means that there is a more significant jump from one to another, so if you are sensitive to intensity it may be difficult for you to pinpoint the level that is best for you.

One level may be too powerful, while another may not be strong enough. Of course, also keep in mind that the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief System is a limited device and very inexpensive, so it will understandably have certain disadvantages.

If you haven't already developed a tolerance for levels of intensity, the 4th level will likely be more than enough for you to handle.

Ease and Simplicity of Use

Omron PM3030 - Usage

If you ever have any issues with complicated devices that are covered in buttons and different options, that definitely isn't something you will need to worry about with the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief System.

This great tens unit is easy to use, simple, and extremely straightforward because it has a limited amount of buttons and options. It is also easy to set it up and get started using it, and overall quite hassle-free.

Altogether it has only four buttons and no menus or even a digital display. Each button is clearly labeled and with such few options it is easy to navigate and find the program and mode you want.

The very visual instruction manual comes along with the device and is also easy to use and understand. It contains sufficient models and diagrams for you to get a firm idea of how the device operates.

The manual is also quite comprehensive and covers subjects like prepping and operating the tens unit, settings, and even information about cleaning and storing pads.

The Size of the Omron Tens Unit

Omron PM3030 - Pain Relief System - Size Comparison

As I already mentioned previously, you may remember, the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system is very portable and small, making it easy to take with you anywhere you go.

If you have been looking through tens unit products you might have noticed that they are typically described as being lightweight and compact. This is actually quite true of the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system, and to prove my point I will give you its dimensions and weight: it is 2.1 oz with a width of 2.17 in, a height of 3.74 in, and a depth of 0.71 in.

Seeing as the device weighs little more than an egg you can probably understand why it is so easy to carry with you in your pocket and hold in your hand, even if you have small hands.

This means, of course, that you can easily take the tens unit with you in the car, to work, or on vacation, with very few problems.

I must warn you, however, that if you drop the device there is a very good chance that it will break apart, so be very careful if you choose to get one, and you may even want to invest in a case.

Type and Duration of Batteries

Omron PM3030 - Batteries

If I haven't made this clear already, the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system isn't as powerful as some other devices (but if you are new to tens units this likely won't be an issue) especially those found at the chiropractor's.

Part of this may be due to the fact that the machine is powered by just 2 x AAA batteries. If you use the device for 15 minutes a day at maximum capacity on the back mode it should last for a period of 3 months, according to Omron, but this seems like quite a long time to me.

The best way to know how long the batteries will last is just to try it for yourself, otherwise it is kind of hard to say.

If we go off of the premise that you would have to change the batteries every 3 months after 15 minutes of daily use, how often would you have to change the batteries if you were using the tens unit at full capacity?

If you used it three times a day for 30 minutes the batteries would have to be changed around every two weeks.

This seems like a lot of batteries to go through, you are right, but according to many other reviews and owners of the Omron electrotherapy pain relief device, this will indeed be the case.

What You'll Find in the Box

Omron Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device - Package Contents

You will get the following accessories when you purchase the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system: 2 x AAA batteries, the unit itself, two tens machine pads, a plastic pad holder, instruction manual, pad replacement guide, and the quick start guide.

The pad holder is a great way to keep your pads in good condition between uses, and this is very important to making them last longer so you don't have to buy new ones as soon.

If you have pain in your thigh, back, or hip, then you have the option of purchasing larger pads made from Omron for this tens unit. They do not come included when you buy the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system, but they are easy to acquire, just look on for large tens machine pads.

I should also inform you that there is no carrying case included, but many other tens units do not come with them either. There is good reason to buy a carrying case, however. The device is portable and small, but fragile, so having something protective to carry it in is just good sense. If you do a little searching you might find a good case that will fit the device—try looking at camera cases, for example.

One Year Limited Warranty

1 Year Warranty

This device is included with a one year limited warranty which covers the electrode cords and the device itself. The pads, however, are only covered by a 30 day warranty which covers defects associated with workmanship and materials.

You may not think that this warranty is very good, but considering how inexpensive the device is, it is actually not too bad at all. If you compare it to other devices—even more expensive ones—they frequently have warranties that don't last as long.

Finding the Best Price

The Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system was made to be quite affordable, which is one of the biggest selling points of this particular tens unit.

You probably already know that the best price available is seldom the manufacturer's suggested retail price. If you can get a better deal on it, why shouldn't you? Keep in mind that the price will fluctuate over time at different vendors.

The prices I will list here apply to the present date, April 5th, 2016. The suggested retail price straight from the Omron website,, is $39.99.

If you fish around a little you will encounter a variety of different deals when it comes to the cost of this tens unit. sells it for just a few cents cheaper at $39.88, and be careful of which sells it for $47.99, and where it goes for $49.

You can get it for $37.99 at and both sell it for $34.99. For the best deal check where you could strike a good price for this TENS unit.

The rates on vary significantly and does not sell the product.

Taking a Look at Customer Reviews

This product is #21 on Amazon's Best Seller rank under the Electric Massagers category. Looking online at the general tone of reviews it looks like the the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system has been received rather well.

Here is a chart (which applies to the current date: April 5th, 2016) to make it a little easier for you to see what people think about the device.

Online Store Number of Reviews 5 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star 1 Star 166 86 45 13 12- 10 19 12 13 1 - 3 19 10 6 2 - 1 53 39 6 4 4 - 3 2 1 - - - 24 18 2 1 - 3
Does Omron Electrotherapy Work?

As you can see from the table, at least half of the buyers gave the product a five star rating. It looks to me like this tens unit has been giving people relief from their pain, according to Omron electrotherapy reviews and tens device ratings for this product.

Comparing Omrom Tens Units

Omron has two other models. Below you can find a comparison of 3 Omron Tens unit models.

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Pro PM3031

Omron Electrotherapy Max Power Relief - PM3032

Modes 3 8 9
Channels Single Single Single
Pads 2 2 2
Intensity 5 10 15
Touch Screen No No No
EMS No No No
Battery 2 x AAA 2 x AAA 2 x AAA
Size (inches) (H x W x D) 3.74 x 2.12 x 0.71 4.4 x 2.04 x 0.99 4.25″ x 2″ x 0.8″
Weight (oz) 2.12 3.5 3.5
Warranty 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Price $ $ $$
Rating 6.4 7.3 7.1

Possible Alternatives to the Omron PM3030 Model

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

truMedic PL-009

TENS 7000

AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS
Modes 3 5 5 6
Channels Single Dual Dual Dual
Pads 2 4 4 4
Intensity 5 10 8 25
Touch Screen No No No No
EMS No No No No
Battery 2 x AAA 4 x AAA 1 x 9V 3 x AAA
Size (inches) (H x W x D) 3.74 x 2.12 x 0.71 7.8 x 2 x 0.8 3.98 x 2.4 x 0.96 4.6 x 2.4 x 1.3
Weight (oz) 2.12 6.4 5.29 2.7
Warranty 1 Year Warranty 90 Day Warranty 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Price $ $ $ $
Rating 6.4 7.1 8.2 7.5

truMedic PL-009

The truMedic PL-009 has several important advantages over the Omron tens unit. The two devices are both inexpensive, but the truMedic PL-009 has ten intensity levels, five modes, four pads, and dual channels.

This allows for slightly more variety and choice, but you still have to use AAA batteries—except you need four with this personal tens device. It also has a screen so you can see what intensity level and mode you have chosen. In general it looks like this is the better device, so if you are interested you should definitely check it out.

truMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager:

  • Inexpensive
  • Ten intensity levels
  • Five modes
  • Four pads
  • Dual Channel

Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief:

  • Inexpensive
  • Five intensity levels
  • Three modes
  • Two pads
  • Single Channel

Tens 7000

Another inexpensive choice is the Tens 7000. This great dual channel unit provides eight intensity levels, five modes, four pads, and it runs on a 9V battery.

Once again this gives you more options because you have more modes and intensity levels than you do with the Omron tens unit. This device also includes a screen.

This looks like another smart alternative to the Omron tens unit so I encourage you to see if it is a better fit for your needs.

Tens 7000

  • Inexpensive
  • Eight intensity levels
  • Five modes
  • Four pads
  • Dual Channel

Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief:

  • Inexpensive
  • Five intensity levels
  • Three modes
  • Two pads
  • Single Channel

AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

This looks like one of the best tens machines to me, and I will explain why.

The AccuRelief tens unit is, like its counterparts, quite inexpensive if you are not looking to spend a lot of money. This device has, interestingly, 25 different levels of intensity. That is much more than any of the other devices mentioned.

It has six different modes, dual channels, four pads, and it runs on three AAA batteries. If you are concerned about intensity levels I would say this is definitely a good choice for you.

AccuRelief Tens Unit:

  • Inexpensive
  • 25 intensity levels
  • Six modes
  • Four pads
  • Dual Channel

Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief:

  • Inexpensive
  • Five intensity levels
  • Three modes
  • Two pads
  • Single Channel

Final Thoughts About the Omron Tens Unit

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

The Bottom Line

The Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief system is a great solution for people who suffer from minor/moderate muscle and joint pains in various body areas. It is also a great alternative to conventional painkillers. This tens unit can be found for a really great price and it is simple to use and operate, but on the downside it is lacking in intensity levels and may not be powerful enough for some individuals. I hope this Omron electrotherapy pain relief review was helpful to you. To see the product click the link below.

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