Livia, The TENS Unit for Menstrual Cramps

Livia, a new TENS unit for menstrual cramps, is being developed to ease the pain of periods. Close to every woman experiences period cramps, and if you are one of them, then you deserve the comfort of not having them. Some menstrual cramps are worse than others, and some are unbearably painful.

Recently, we discovered the new TENS unit for period cramps. The TENS unit is a supposed remedy that eliminates a common issue of painful menstrual cramps. How does this affect you? The claim is that it may bring instant relief to cramps and help other remedies along the way!

Livia is meant to fix the following issues:

  • Lack of instant pain relief in other menstrual cramp solutions
  • Manages pain while resorting to stronger remedies (in cases of strong period cramps).
  • Deals with various types of pain
  • Safety in taking fewer pain pills
  • Avoid pain pill side effects


Drug-free Solution For Menstrual Pain

No Side Effects

You can't build a tolerance

Very small and discreet

The official site for Livia is and you can find information on funding and purchasing as well as general information about the new TENS unit here! To be released in October 2016, Livia reduces and even eliminates period pain in many cases. Livia is the perfect period cramp remedy; it reduces the need to take pain pills regularly, eliminating the possibility of liver and kidney damage.

The TENS unit feels like "gentle vibrations" plus pain relief. Its purpose as a TENS unit for menstrual cramps involves easing pain and keeping users comfortable.

You can use it at any point during your period and find instant relief. Use Livia on the go. It is excellent in public because of its sleek and discreet placement and look, and the pain relief is instant. This fast feature supposedly gets rid of the issue of having to wait for pills to kick in, a huge problem when the pain is immediate!

Livia for Period Pain

Livia as a solution for period cramps is meant to replace or aid other period cramp remedies. It has been tested with over 163 women with results that prove safety, relief, and overall success.

On the other hand, studies show that taking too much Midol, Ibuprofen, or any other pain killer results in kidney and liver damage. Period cramp remedies aside from any type of painkiller are generally obscure. Unlike these painkillers, TENS units have no side effects. Livia is meant to help along with other painkillers. Here are a few other well known period cramp remedies that it helps or replaces:

  • Exercise
  • Heat directly on the stomach
  • Teas, Essential Vitamins, and Nutrients

While all of the previously named period cramp remedies may work, none of them are an instant relief. The TENS unit is fast-working instant relief for menstrual cramps. From what we have seen, your period cramps leave almost as soon as they come with this product. You will "never experience more instant comfort."

TENS Unit For Menstrual Cramps

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This type of technology is not new at all (However, Livia, the product, is new TENS unit for menstrual cramps.). In fact, TENS has been a remedy to period cramps for a decade. A TENS unit uses vibrations to block the pain of menstrual cramps from the brain.

Here is how it works: the signals from vibrations move faster to the brain than the signals for pain, so the body reacts to the relief first. Because the vibrations move faster, they can cancel out most of the pain signals. The device also releases endorphins that replace the feelings of pain with feelings of pleasure, also known as the release of endorphins.

Livia is similar to a TENS unit. The creators state that Livia’s electric discharge is unique and optimized for menstrual pain, but the general idea is that it works similarly to one. You use Livia by attaching the gel stickers to the areas of pain. It releases those "vibrations" or electric charges to release feel-good results in your body.

What is in the Box?

The product comes with the following parts:

Livia - Accesories
  • A Single (1) Device Cable
  • A Single (1) Custom Skin
  • The TENS Unit Device
  • A Couple (2) of Electrodes/Gel Stickers
  • A Single (1) USB Charging Cable
  • A Case

Because it uses electric discharge, Livia should not be used with pacemakers or people with heart issues.

Livia Pain Relief Review on Buzzfeed

According to a small study on Buzzfeed, Livia works well for your menstrual cramps, ranging from mild to above discomfort. These women made a Livia pain relief review that features women trying Livia for the first time as an effective pain reliever. In the video, the first day is a success.

From the mildest to "medium" cramps, the women in the video display happiness with the TENS unit. One of them described the product as "instant relief" to her discomfort.

However, the more extreme the menstrual cramps, the less the device works. Both of the women with the "worst" period cramps took a type of painkiller on top of Livia on the second day. Of course, the lack of a controlled experiment for either argument leaves the results of Livia up to opinion, but it is a good reference point for how the product works.

Other Livia Pain Relief Studies and Reviews

Similar to the video on Buzzfeed, hundreds of women say that Livia relieves most of the pain on milder occasions. However, in more severe cases, Livia had to be taken with another period cramp remedy. Using the TENS unit as a solution for menstrual cramps works most of the time and relieves "80% of the pain" according to studies. The results of the study found that a TENS unit alongside ibuprofen is an alternative for your period cramps.

According to that study, other benefits to using TENS units for menstrual cramps include:

  • A decrease in blood flow
  • A decrease in blood clots
  • A decrease in fatigue

The Bottom Line

Livia is yet to be released, but it has received many positive feedback from women. Livia isn't a new off switch for menstrual pain as TENS units have been used for menstrual pain for a long time. Price is around $80-$90, and it is more expensive than other TENS units with similar features.

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