HealthmateForever Review: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction to the HealthmateForever Brand

In this HealthmateForever review, we will talk about this specific brand which supplies TENS and EMS units.

You will learn all about the company in addition to the types of devices which they offer in case you should like to buy a portable muscle stimulator.

All products from HealthmateForever are FDA cleared in Class I or Class II.

Healthmate is a family owned company, and their mission statement is: “East meets West. Live Well.” Their philosophy is to unite Western medical technology with traditional Eastern techniques used to therapy.

Healthmate International, LLC is based in Missouri.

They have opened the door to a lot of innovative technology, paving the way for many firsts in the tens unit industry. For example, Healthmate is the first company to design PMS and TENS units with touch screens, the first company to design a vibrating massager with remote, and the first company to develop the backlit, pocket size PMS and TENS units.

They are also the first company to have a patent design of independent intensity control in the channels of their units. These are only a few things on the list of accomplishments from HealthmateForever.

Two in One: TENS and EMS

All models come with EMS support, although “EMS” is now being referred to as “PMS” which stands for Powered Muscle Stimulator.

Although EMS and PMS are essentially the same things, EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. EMS is designed to stimulate the muscles, contrary to TENS, which focuses on nerves.

The two types of electrical stimulation provide slightly different advantages, which is one reason that it is so beneficial to have both EMS and TENS in one device.

Rather than getting two units to enjoy the benefits of both TENS and EMS, you will be able to enjoy the ease and convenience of a single device.

You can use the EMS for strengthening the muscles, relaxing the muscles, rehabilitation purposes, increasing local blood circulation, and cosmetic muscle toning.

Size and Portability

Many of the units available from HealthmateForever are quite small and lightweight. One of the smallest units is the HM6ML, which is 3.25 x 1.5 x 0.25 and weighs 1.1 ounces.

While most of their devices are pocket size, only a few inches in height and a few ounces in weight, one of the largest HealthmateForever units is the YK15.

The YK15 has the dimensions of 7.75x 2.75 x 0.75, and it weighs 5.6 ounces.

Other devices vary in size and weight as well. The TENS 7000 is 3.98 x 2.4 x 0.96 and weighs 5.29 ounces. The AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS is 4.6 x 2.4 x 1.3 and 2.7 ounces.

Dual/Isolated Independent Channels

Some of the units from HealthmateForever are dual independent channels, also called isolated channels. All of their devices, however, do utilize dual channels. Generally, when it comes to basic dual channels you will be able to control the intensity, but not the mode or pattern separately in each channel.

With dual independent isolated channels, you will have two outputs per channel on the HealthmateForever tens massager. With isolated channels, you will be able to adjust the intensity and mode of each channel and apply treatment to as many as four different areas. Dual channels give you lots of freedom and versatility.

Healthmate Touch Screens

When it comes to technology touch screens are a definite mark of modern advancement, as they have been implemented in today's phones, iPods, tablets, and even computers.

Touch screens offer a great and easy way to move around on the display screen and select options.

We haven't seen other brands with touch screens, and this shows the technological advancement prevalent in HealthmateForever devices.

Below you will find a table that displays all models from Healthmate, which feature a touch screen.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

HealthmateForever offers a Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty on all TENS/EMS devices. A Lifetime Warranty is an excellent warranty when compared with the warranties from other brands.

The AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS, for example, has a one-year warranty, and the truMedic PL-009 has a warranty that lasts only 90 days.

The warranty from HealthmateForever is limited and does not cover damages caused by things like neglect, accident, normal wear, or misuse.

If you want a warranty which covers more, you may buy an accidental two-year warranty for the price of $100.

If the old version of a HealthmateForever tens unit has been discontinued, you will be provided with a new version. You will receive a free replacement of a new control unit if you are having any issues due to manufacturer’s defect.

If on the other hand, you are having problems that are not the manufacturer’s fault, then you still have the option of upgrading the unit or purchasing a new one with the benefit of a discount.

Tens units from Healthmate are not refundable, but they can be exchanged.

If you have bought a TENS device from another country, you must mail the device in so that it can be examined. A fee of around $20 will be charged in addition to shipping.

A Range of Modes

HealthmateForever provides a variety of modes to choose from. Their devices include the following range of modes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 25, and even 40. One clever thing about the models from Healthmate is their names, which include the exact number of modes.

For example: 140AB has 40 modes, T24AB2 has 24 modes, PRO12AB2 has 12 modes, and so on.

The 12 most common mode names are: Tuina (Push & Pull), Acupuncture, Tapping, Guasha (Scraping), Cupping, Shiatus (Finger Press), Pressure, Back Pain, Deep Tissue Massage, Body Building, Weight Loss, and Combination.

How Much it Costs to Run a TENS Machine

We will talk about the exact price of the tens units from HealthmateForever in a later section, right now we will discuss expenses associated with owning and operating a unit from Healthmate.

Most models have a rechargeable lithium battery. You will not have to spend any money replacing old batteries, at least on these specific units.

There are still a few models which do require some sort of disposable battery, such as AAA. These units are YK15, PM8, PM10AB, and ZT15AB.

Apart from batteries, you will definitely need to buy replacement pads for the tens unit. How much you spend on HealthmateForever pads depends both on how often you use the electrodes, how you care for them, and the quality of pad you would like.

Accessories for HealthmateForever Devices

When you receive a HealthmateForever hands-free tens electronic pulse massager in the mail, you will get some standard supplies to help you get the unit up and running, including user manual, limited lifetime warranty card, one pads holder, electrode wires, electrodes, and either a USB wall charger or batteries.

The instructions will tell you everything you need to know about how to use HealthmateForever.

If you choose, you may buy extra Healthmate product accessories for any of the units. Some extras are massage shoes, conductive wrist/ankle wraps, conductive socks, conductive gloves, a multibelt, and various other choices.

These additional accessories are great if you are experiencing pain in a particular body area, as they offer more specialized designs than just the standard electrode.

Price Range of Products

Products from Healthmate vary quite a lot in price. On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you will find devices like the HM6ML which is sold for around $40 on the manufacturer website.

On the more expensive end is the T12AB2, which is listed for about $420 on the manufacturer site. Some devices are even more expensive.

Tens units from other brands also vary quite a bit. The TENS 7000 is a very good device which can be found for around $30. Another pretty good product is the iReliev Pain Relief System, which sells for about $40 on Amazon.

When shopping for Healthmate products take note that prices generally run higher on as opposed to other online stores like Amazon. The manufacturer website does, however, provide coupon codes and free shipping on all domestic orders and free international shipping if the purchase is more than $150.

If you want better deals, try looking for “scratch and dent” products. These units either have a scratch or a dented box, but they still function and are unused.

HealthmateForever Reviews

Most HealthmateForever products have received a lot of good reviews and seem to be quite reliable, useful, and in general liked.

People appreciate the fact that most units contain rechargeable lithium batteries, and most reviews are also positive and enthusiastic about the power level of devices.

The portability of the units is another key feature that seems to be quite appreciated.

According to HealthmateForever massager reviews, HealthmateForever is a pretty good company to go to for your tens unit needs.

Customer Service from Healthmate

While going through reviews, we haven't run across any complaints about customer service. Obviously, this is a good sign, indicating that most people are satisfied with the customer service provided by Healthmate.

You can find support details here including information like the phone number, address, hours, and email address.

All Models from Healthmate

Here is a full list of all HealthmateForever tens models so that you can look at the units for yourself if you desire. This will help you with matters of comparison.

Side By Side TENS Units Comparison

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