Review of Dr Ho's Pain Therapy System

We will be talking about Dr. Ho's Pain Therapy System in this article. The purpose of this pulse massager is to reduce pain, boost circulation, increase tissue oxygenation, and reduce muscle spasms and muscle tensions.

This product comes from Dr. Michael Ho, who is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture. He has developed a variety of different products made to relieve pain, as well as other wellness products, such as vitamin supplements and digestive detox.

In this Dr. Ho Pain Therapy System review I will go into the details of this device so that you have all of the facts you need.

TENS Unit or Not?

This is a very good question—and technically, yes, this device is a T.E.N.S. unit. According to Dr. Ho, however, it goes above and beyond the traditional TENS device. Because other tens machines provide stimulation at the same frequency they are only able to reduce pain temporarily. This is because the body soon adapts to the frequency and it no longer responds.

Dr. Ho claims this is not the case with Dr. Ho's Pain Therapy System, as it has 12 unique types of stimulation which carry different frequencies. The device is even programmed to randomly change the stimulation in an effort to keep your body from adapting. Dr. Ho also states another difference between his device and other tens units, which is that his is capable of providing relief after being used for only 20 minutes. Please note that I have not found any evidence for these claims—but it is a fact that his device is a tens unit.

Device Details

Although it is technically a TENS unit, it is bigger than most others. Another distinction is that it does not have a LCD screen, like most TENS units.

Many (but not all) TENS units contain rechargeable lithium batteries, but this device runs on two AAA batteries. These batteries are not included with the product.

One other noticeable distinction between this unit and other tens devices is the inclusion of feet pads. This is likely due to the practice of applying acupressure to the feet in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is called reflexology, and it is the most probable reason that the kit includes feet pads.

It is called a “digital massage therapy system” and has a dozen unique massage techniques programmed into it. It gives you electrotherapy pain relief. Dr. Ho's tens unit takes the bio-electrical medical application and unites it with concepts like acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine practices.

The device is very aesthetically pleasing, but that isn't necessarily a measure of quality. Its dimensions are: .3 in. x 3 in. x 10.5 in, and its weight is: 1.2 lb.

The device has a fairly unique design that includes three different means to adjust your session: These include the massager mode (including three massage modes), the session time, and the intensity level.

A session time can be set for anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes.

I should inform you that the unit has only one channel and one output, meaning that it can only control one pair of electrode pads, as opposed to two. You may find this inconvenient.

Included with Product

There are multiple different versions of this therapy system, including the standard (which can come in either basic, as seen on TV, deluxe, or ultimate) and the pro. Essentially the products that are more expensive offer more value. Here is a link, and on this page one can click on “Compare Packages” to learn more. Here is a list of the product specifications:

  • Unit
  • Instructional DVD video, guide, owner’s manual, pad placement chart
  • Carrying case
  • Two extra large flex tone pads, and two small massage pads
  • Feet tens pads
  • Extra set of large flextone pads
  • One set replacement gel pads
  • Two Electrode Wire Sets
  • 60 day warranty


Dr. Michael Ho has several infomercials to explain how the pulse massager works, and even exhibit its affects on people. Here is the link that talks about his infomercials. The short clips are primarily comprised of young women in bikinis.

Dr. Ho has been selling many related products for at least ten years. His primary means of selling his merchandise is through commercials and other forms of marketing. The quality and integrity of some of his infomercials has dissuaded some people, and you may not like them either.

Of course, the most important factor is to consider the genuine value of the product through evidence.

Where to Find the Device

The pulse massager can be found on Currently the deluxe version is not available on, but it might be at a later point in time. It is also not available through Walmart. Dr.Ho's Muscle Stimulation Double Massage is another product that can be found on

Dr. Ho's Other Products

Here are some other products available from Dr. Ho:

  • Dr. Ho decompression belt: This product is available on, and 20 out of 38 customer reviews give the belt only one star.
  • Pain Therapy System Pro
  • Pro-Dr-Ho's Circulation Promoter (It is used on feet.)

All of Dr. Ho's products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, meaning that you will receive a full refund of the purchase price if you choose to return the product. Note that this doesn't include other expenses like installment or shipping and handling.

The company is based in Canada, and they do have a mailing address there, but they also have one based in the United States. Their website states all contact information very clearly.

Some American Medicare plans will even cover the expenses of the Pain Therapy System. If you are interested in learning more about whether or not you qualify, all you must do is visit the insurance coverage on Dr. Ho's website.

Tens Unit Price Range

§Let's see how much how much is Dr. Ho's pain therapy system is. The TENS units widely varies in price, and may fluctuate with as little change as $20-$30, to more than $1000. I checked around to see some specific prices for Dr Ho's Pain System. The price range from $110 to $14O. It is currently priced at $116.38 at, which looks to be the best deal.


There weren't many reviews on Amazon when I wrote this review, and half of the reviews were giving 5 stars to Dr. Ho's pain therapy system

A lot of positive reviews have also been written about the product as well. On other websites it seems that the unit has gotten better reviews in the past. It appears people who are dealing with fibromyalgia have used the device and found some relief.

Dr. Stuart M. McGill's Study

The purpose of the study conducted by Dr. Stuart M. McGill was to determine the effectiveness of Dr. Ho's device. The study looked at 41 participants, both men and women, who had come from an outpatient clinic.

With their instruments researchers concluded that there were two measurable advantages which came along with Dr. Ho's device: Muscle oxygenation was found to increase, while muscle spasms were found to decrease.

The duration of each TENS pulse lasts from 30-250 microseconds, and the rate goes from 3 to 1000 HZ.

Through reducing muscle spasms and increasing oxygenation researchers believe that the stimulation device reduces the pain-spasm cycle. Dr Ho's pain management device overall seems to prove effective.

The study also states that although normal pulse qualities of TENS have been implemented in Dr' Ho's device, the sequence patterns are nevertheless somewhat different. Dr. Stuart calls these patterns the “next generation in evolution” when it comes to tens units. This is due to the special kind of modulated burst pattern.

From what I can tell this study produced very good evidence for the effectiveness of the product.

Origins of the Unit

Most of these Pain Therapy Systems are sold from Canada. Since there are certain areas in Canada that have high concentrations of Chinese immigrants it is logical that the device utilizes Traditional Chinese Medical theory.

Listed Benefits of the Device

These standard benefits are typically the same regardless of which package you buy.

The device claims to help with a variety of different pains, including: bulging, herniated, or degenerative discs, leg pain related to degenerating discs, chronic/acute back pain, arching back from lifting, driving, or sitting, scoliosis related pain, difficulty sleeping related to back pain, spinal stenosis back pain, back pain caused by sports, elderly care, or child care.

The device is evidently capable of relieving pain throughout your whole body.

How the Dr Hoa's Pain Relief System Functions

First, you locates areas that are painful or tense, then places the self-adhesive massage pads unto the location in question. Next, click the power dial, and gradually increase the intensity. This is to be done until you feel what you consider to be the most soothing massage action.

Next, you set the timer. It might be best to begin gradually, with 10 or 20 minutes until the subject gets more familiar with the device. After the time is up the unit will automatically shut off.

The pulsing is designed to feel like it is penetrating deep within the muscle, as that is often where the pain resides.

There are three unique massage patterns to pick from and they each vary in intensity levels. Some people feel more comfortable with massages that are gentle and calming, whereas others desire a massage that is more vigorous and deep. This depends on you.

Module one is designed to feel like finger tapping, percussion, and thumb/palm kneading. Module two is a little harsher and it is described as squeezing, cupping, chopping, and pounding. The last module, Module three, begins gently then builds into the sensation of a strong squeezing.

There are a total of 12 unique massage techniques across these three modules.

Is Dr Ho's Pain Therapy System a Good Unit?

This naturopathic approach to pain relief is different than others like it that I have seen. This is primarily because it is backed by genuine scientific facts and evidence, which have been collected by a real doctor. In Dr. Stuart M. McGill's Study, more than 40 participants experienced an increase in oxygenation and a reduction in muscle spasms.

Note that not all kinds of pain are linked to either muscle spasms or oxygenation problems, but if you are experiencing pain from these issues this device could prove to bring relief from pain.


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