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4 Things You Should Never Do With a TENS Unit
TENS units are generally a safe treatment option, but only if they're used properly. Here are four ways that you should never use your TENS unit...Read More
Should I Use TENS or EMS?
TENS and EMS are very different machines that are often confused. We'll help show you the difference and set you on the right track...Read More
What Is High Frequency Electrotherapy Treatment?
Confused by electrotherapy frequencies? In this article, we explain what frequencies are and how they differ from each other with respect to electrotherapy...Read More
How Often Can You Safely Use a TENS Unit
Worried about overusing your TENS unit? Find out how often and how long you can safely use your TENS unit...Read More
TENS Safety: Who Shouldn't Use a TENS Unit?
TENS is generally a safe treatment, but certain people shouldn't use it. Find out if you belong to any of these 5 groups of people who shouldn't use a TENS unit...Read More
How to Choose a TENS Unit For Your Needs
Want to know how to choose a TENS unit for your needs? We've separated the best TENS units into 5 different categories so you can easily choose the device that fits your needs...Read More
Sleek and Fashionable New TENS Unit: U-Gym Mini
Want relief on the go with a discrete and fashionable device? The U-Gym Mini is fully customizable and looks less like a medical device and more like a music player...Read More
The Little Known History of Electrotherapy
Think electrotherapy is a recent discovery? Think again. Electrotherapy has been around for thousands of years. Read more to discover its ancient applications...Read More
Top 5 Electronic Devices for Pain Relief
Are typical pain relief treatments not effective enough for you? Check out our top 5 best electronic pain relief devices for some unique and effective options...Read More
Electrotherapy, Safe and Cheap Pain Treatment
If you're suffering from chronic pain, you've probably been suggested to use electrotherapy, but that begs the question just "what is electrotherapy?"..Read More
5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a TENS Unit
Tired of expensive medications and doctor visits? Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should use a TENS unit to manage your pain...Read More

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