Review of the Best Wireless TENS Units

The appeal of a wireless TENS unit is that they are small and discrete, so you can use them anywhere.

You have work and other obligations you have to attend to. Unfortunately, your pain doesn’t care where you are, and your pain doesn’t stop just because you’re at work or on the road.

Bringing your regular TENS unit to work or other places can be embarrassing and difficult to hide; there are just too many wires to make it worthwhile. Wireless TENS pain relievers make it easy to have pain relief anywhere.

We’ll be examining seven machines in this wireless TENS unit review.

Comparison Table for Top 7 Wireless TENS Units

Product Modes Pads Intensity Rating Price

Hollywog Witouch Wireless TENS
1 2 Remote controls intensity 6.9

AccuRelief Wireless Remote Control TENS
1 2 20 7.1

Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Therapy
1 1 63 7.0

iReliev Pain Relief Patch Mini Wireless Tens
1 1 8 6.8

Aleve Direct Therapy
1 1 15 6.7

Homedics Rapid Relief Electronic Pain Relief Pad
1 1 15 6.5

Drive Medical Painaway Wireless TENS Unit
4 2 20 7.2

7 Best Wireless Tens Units

Hollywog WiTouch Wireless TENS OTC

The WiTouch is a wireless TENS unit is designed specifically for treating lower back pain.

The unit is specially shaped to match the contour of your back and is fairly large compared to other TENS units. This allows for greater connectivity and comfort.

The WiTouch isn’t as powerful as a wired TENS unit, but it’s still powerful enough to get the job done is most cases.

There are 10 pads included with the unit. The replacement pads for this unit are somewhat pricey, but taking proper care of them will greatly extend their life.

The company has helpful customer service and is willing to help customers resolve any issues with the product.

This unit is simple to use. It has one automatic 30-minute cycle, and you only need to press one button to activate it. After 30 minutes the unit will stop the cycle.

On the other hand, the lack of control over the settings could be seen as a drawback to more experienced users. If during the 30-minute cycle you like one mode more than the others, there is no way to only use that mode.

The WiTouch is often compared to the Aleve Direct Therapy because they have similar specs, but in our opinion, the WiTouch wins because the replacement pads are cheaper.

AccuRelief Wireless TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

This digital wireless TENS machine is designed to treat general back pain, though it could be used in other areas too.

The AccuRelief uses two separate electrode pads that you can adjust together or individually with the remote. It comes with all the batteries needed to use it right out of the box, and the electrodes are already synced to the remote, so you don’t have to do any setup.

The pads are sticky enough and will last a long time if cared for properly. You can move around without having to worry about the pads falling off. Despite being very sticky, the pads themselves are rather stiff which means they won’t be able to stick to curved surfaces very well.

The unit doesn’t have the ability to do any custom programming; you just have to use the automatic cycle. This keeps it simple, but may be frustrating to some.

Some users complain that the intensity level isn’t quite high enough to deal with their pain. This unit will be sufficient for general use, but if you have severe pain, you might want to look at more powerful machines.

Icy Hot Smart Relief Back and Hip Starter Kit

The Icy Hot mini TENS unit designed for treating general back and hip pain.

You can click here to read our full review of this product.

This is an interesting TENS unit because it doesn’t have a remote control like most other wireless units do. Instead, the Icy Hot is controlled by the electrodes directly.

If being small and portable is important to you then the Icy Hot is the TENS unit for you. Not having a remote means there’s one less thing you need to keep track of. This unit is truly portable and discreet.

On the other hand, some users might find the lack of a remote to be inconvenient. The machine needs to be controlled by pressing buttons on the electrodes. If the pads are placed on your back or somewhere under your cloths, pressing the buttons can be rather awkward.

The unit only comes with one pad, but it is very sticky and will last you a long time. The replacement pads can easily be ordered off of Amazon.

One drawback to the Icy Hot TENS unit is that it tends to go through batteries quickly. If you use it on the highest setting, you may need to replace the batteries after a few uses.

iReliev Mini Wireless TENS Pain Relief Patch

The iReliev is a general purpose wireless TENS unit.

Like the Icy Hot, this unit doesn’t use a remote control. This is either a pro or a con depending on your needs.

Users report that the unit provides a high amount of pain relief. It has eight intensity levels, so there is sure to be an option that is comfortable for you.

Unfortunately, the iReliev suffers from several problems.

The adhesive pads tend to have a short lifespan and will need to be replaced fairly often. The machine and the electrode pads tend to unsnap from each other while worn under clothing, or if you move around too much. Also, the battery does not last very long, especially when used on high.

Even though this TENS unit is fairly cheap, the expense of replacing the pads and batteries so often will eventually add up. Because of this, frequent users will want to buy a different machine. However, this machine could be a good fit for those who are only going to use it once in a while.

Aleve Direct Therapy

This Aleve unit is designed to treat lower back pain.

We have a full review on this product, which you can read by clicking here.

The shape of the machine and pads are meant to conform to the shape of your back. The special shape ensures connectivity and comfort while wearing the device. Because of the shape of the pads, it will not work as well on other areas.

A really nice feature of this back pain relief machine is that it takes two AAA batteries. This means you will be able to save a significant amount of money by buying rechargeable batteries. Instead of keeping a stock of batteries with you, you can just buy rechargeable batteries and a charger, and you’re all set.

Some users say that the machine is somewhat heavy and the adhesive pads aren’t strong enough to keep it attached to their skin.

The Aleve unit is discrete and portable but still has enough power to relieve a lot of pain. Users say that the pads conduct current well and give them much needed relief.

The pads themselves are fairly expensive, but they do last for a decent amount of time with proper care. It is possible to use the slightly cheaper WiTopia pads with this unit to help lower the cost.

Homedics Rapid Relief Electronic Pain Relief Pad

The Homedics wireless unit is designed for use on the arms and legs.

This unit actually comes with its own case and has a unique pad shape. The case makes it very easy to keep the pads clean since you don’t have to store the pads in plastic bags. It has a slim and discrete profile, making it a good choice for use in public.

Another nice feature of this TENS unit is that it uses a rechargeable battery so that you can save money.

Users of this product report excellent levels of pain relief and enjoy the different pulses. The cycle lasts for 20 minutes and then turns itself off. Other units run for 30 minutes, so it might be annoying to have to restart it more often.

Some users are upset that the pads don’t last as long as advertised. The pads do last a decent amount of time, but nowhere near what the manufacturer advertises.

Homedics claims that the pads will last up to 50 uses, which is quite an exaggeration and makes the company seem less trustworthy.

Despite the dubious claims about the lifespan of the pads, users are generally happy with this product, citing the slim profile and effective pain relief.

Drive Medical Painaway Wireless TENS Unit

The Drive Medical Painaway is a general purpose TENS unit.

Unlike many other wireless units, this one has more options available. You are able to select both the mode and the channel. If you want more control over your settings, this is the machine for you.

There are three unique programs available, and a fourth program that is a mixture of the other three.

It comes with two types of electrode pads. One is a large pad meant to be used on your back, and the others are 2” x 3” pads for general use. The pads conduct current well and users say that the machine can put out a strong current.

This unit is rechargeable, which will save you money over the long term. It takes about one to two hours to charge and will last for about 10 hours depending on your settings.

Some users complain that the machine loses the ability to hold a charge over time. It’s important to not overcharge the machine. If it is left plugged in for too long once it’s charged, it will eventually kill the battery.

Most users have a overall positive experience with this unit, but it’s frustrating that the replacement pads aren’t available on Amazon even though the machine itself is.

FAQ About Wireless TENS Units

What is the best wireless TENS unit for me?

This question is difficult to answer because it depends on each person’s needs. Still, the WiTouch, Icy Hot, and Drive Medical are all very popular. Most people will be satisfied with one of those three units.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless TENS units?

The main advantage of a wireless TENS unit is that they are small and portable. This allows you to use it discretely while away from home. They don’t have any wires and are less of a hassle to set up.

The disadvantage is that they typically have less options than wired TENS units. Wired TENS units are not designed to be portable, so they can be larger and have extra features.

What is the best wireless TENS unit for back pain?

Some wireless TENS units specifically target back pain.

The Hollywog WiTouch and Aleve Direct Therapy both focus specifically on lower back pain, while the AccuRelief Wireless TENS and Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS unit are designed for back pain in general.

For lower back pain we recommend the WiTouch over the Aleve Direct Therapy because they are similar in technical specifications, but the pads for the WiTouch are less expensive.

Even though they are made for a specific region, they can still be used on different areas.

Does a wireless TENS unit work better than a wired TENS unit?

It’s not that portable TENS units are “better” necessarily, it’s that they are more convenient. Going wireless gives you portability and the ability to use it discretely.

The trade off is that wired machines generally have more control and power, such as the dual channel option which allows you to use four or more pads on different body parts.

The choice between wired and wireless just depends on how and where you’ll be using it. Generally, wired is preferred for home use while wireless is preferred for away from home.

Can you move around easily while using a wireless TENS unit?

Yes, wireless TENS units are meant for active people and can be used while moving. Your ability to move around is also affected by the quality of electrode pads you use. Pads that are less sticky might fall off during movement and will limit you, so make sure to use fresh pads if you plan on going somewhere.

What is the ongoing cost of a wireless TENS unit?

There are two parts that need to be replaced, the electrode gel pads and the batteries. The cost of replacing them can add up if you use your TENS unit a lot.

If cost is a major concern for you, it is a good idea to figure out the cost of replacement pads before you buy your wireless TENS unit.

For example, the accurelief wireless TENS pads can be used up to 30 times, and the cost of four sets of two reusable pads is about $22. In comparison, you would pay about $30 for two Icy Hot wireless TENS unit replacement pads.

Do you have any recommendation for a wireless TENS/EMS unit?

There aren’t any options for wireless TENS/EMS units on Amazon, but here are two TENS/PMS units you can check out.

One is from ActiveForever called Acclaim Wireless TENS EMS Combo Stim, for around $20. The other is called the Mini wireless Digital TENS and EMS Unit for around $20.

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